Yesterday we launched our little web app which shows a real-time feed of pictures shared on social media about the London 2012 Olympics. To date we’ve collected 190,000 pictures including everything from family photos outside venues to backstage pictures from volunteers for the Opening Ceremony.

Here at TUMRA we’ve built a data processing platform that’s capable of running complex machine learning models across massive and moving datasets; playing with tweets is a piece of cake by comparison. ;o)

Earlier today we made a really simple chart showing the number of pictures shared on social media so far, they’re grouped into buckets of 10 minutes. Each data point on the graph below illustrates how many pictures were shared during that 10 minute period.

Note: this is a Google Chart that requires Flash.

There is a clear peak around the Opening Ceremony, the second big peak is the Men’s 100m Finals on the 5th August. Use the controls on the chart to change the timeline and zoom in to specific areas.

Since the build up to the games we’ve collected more than 20 million ‘interactions’ (twitter tweets, facebook statuses etc.). We’ve been measuring the sentiment around particular events, teams and countries through several dimensions including demographics of the social media users. Stay tuned for further analysis in the next few days.