The London 2012 Olympic Games have already been dubbed the ‘Social Olympics’. Social Media networks like Twitter, Facebook and Google+ have allowed athletes and fans to interact like never before. Whether it’s harsh criticisms from passionate fans, or overjoyed athletes tweeting pictures of their medals – social media has been central to London 2012.

We’ve been keeping an eye on social media and have collected just over 20 million ‘interactions’ across Twitter and Facebook. We’ll be covering some of our findings in a series of blog posts. After a brief look at some of the data, we quickly realised there were a lot of pictures chronicling the build up of the games through the opening ceremony and peaks  of activity around main events like the Men’s 100m Finals.

To share some of the 180,000+ pictures with you, we spent a couple of hours building this simple web app.

Any pictures sent on social networks are shown here in real-time. You can scroll back in time as far as you dare, all the way back to the pre-games build up. We’ve included a couple of shortcuts to take you to the Opening Ceremony and the Men’s 100m Finals.

We’ll be writing more about the data we’ve collected in the next few days.