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Real-time London 2012 in Pictures (part 2)

Yesterday we launched our little web app which shows a real-time feed of pictures shared on social media about the London 2012 Olympics. To date we’ve collected 190,000 pictures including everything from family photos outside venues to backstage pictures from volunteers for the Opening Ceremony. Here at TUMRA we’ve built a data processing platform that’s… Read more »

Real-time London 2012 in Pictures (part 1)

The London 2012 Olympic Games have already been dubbed the ‘Social Olympics’. Social Media networks like Twitter, Facebook and Google+ have allowed athletes and fans to interact like never before. Whether it’s harsh criticisms from passionate fans, or overjoyed athletes tweeting pictures of their medals – social media has been central to London 2012. We’ve been keeping an eye on social… Read more »

Data Science Global Hackathon

On Saturday 29th April, teams of data scientists around the world sat down to begin a 24 hour ‘hackathon’. The challenge was to predict air quality given sample data from Cook County, Illinois. Over the duration of the contest, 212 people participated from their homes or venues setup in one of ten cities. The contest… Read more »