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Where are we on the Big Data hype cycle?

At the moment it seems that every other day brings announcements of a new “Big Data” start-up, partnership, conference, report etc. Just about every man and his dog have made some form of press release related to “Big Data” recently. Every week I stumble across some “Big Data” relevant conference or event that I’ve just missed out… Read more »

Data Science Global Hackathon

On Saturday 29th April, teams of data scientists around the world sat down to begin a 24 hour ‘hackathon’. The challenge was to predict air quality given sample data from Cook County, Illinois. Over the duration of the contest, 212 people participated from their homes or venues setup in one of ten cities. The contest… Read more »

Real-time Demographics with Mahout

Here at TUMRA we are building a multi-faceted data processing platform capable of handling unstructured data (text, video, images) as easily as structured and relational data.  Throughout its development we’ve manufactured use-cases to solve that improve the platform with new features and capabilities. So, a couple of weeks ago we decided to focus on improving… Read more »